Gabriel Garcia is an artist living and working in El Paso, Texas. He received a BFA in studio art from New Mexico State University in 2016. Working primarily in clay, Gabriel's forms reflect psychologically altered and constructed environments that are informed by identity and stigma theories.

Artist Statement
I’ve spent the majority of my life rendered mute by an anxiety disorder. In these years, I’ve picked up on how others will interact with me based on a facial expression or vocal intonation. In my work, I am interested in the identities that are projected onto the Other and how they internalize them. I focus on the physical and psychological environments created by stigmas, shame, and social expectations. Different states of reality and delusion manifest with the constant onslaught of speculation, confirmation, and/or discrediting. The Other exists within these environments where they are constructed as abstracted bodies or landscapes. The forms purposely lean into the identity contradictions to exploit its absurdity by forcing a confrontation to upset, disarm, and seek understanding.

Instagram: @gbrlgrca